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Copy to clipboard with scriptCS

A few weeks ago I found my self in the situation where I needed to generate a hash based on some business logic from my project at work. Because this logic is embedded pretty deep in the logic it seemed as a hard task to achieve. Then it occurred to me that I had heard about this thing called scriptCS which should be able to help me out. What i... Read more

My first conference talk

Since 2009 I have been involved as an organizer in a user group for .net developers in sweden called SweNug (Sweden .NET user group). This year a group of SweNug organizer in Stockholm (and some other people) decided to host a conference in the spirit of SweNug called Swetugg. The conference had about 200 visitors. First of all I would like to ... Read more

My first atom package

A few weeks ago the GitHub team released a Windows version of their editor. Since I always love to try out new editors it was a no brainer to download Atom. What is Atom? Atom is an open sourced, JavaScript based editor from the GitHub team. It’s a editor which can be customized in pretty much every way. It lets you integrate with Node.js and w... Read more

Gulp and Browserify with ASP.NET

If you ever worked with node.js you are probably familiar with the “require” concept of node. But if you haven’t then “require” is an easy way to declare and load dependencies for your script or module. I was recently introduced to a node module named Browserify which lets you use the same notation with “require” when developing modules for the... Read more

My first steps with F#

In the last year or so functional programmign has gained in popularity. I was curious so I thought I would start with a functional language that was closley releated to my everyday language C#. Why functional? When I started to look at functional programming it turns out that there is a lot of great concepts that could be applied to my every da... Read more