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Moving my blog

For a couple of years I have been hosting my blog on and I have no complaints but I was paying about $7 per month and I know that others had moved their blog to Github Pages which is free and I thought that it could be a fun challange to see how much effort it would be to move everything and not spend any money. So I started researchi... Read more


Since I started to play with functional programming my go-to language has been F#. As a C# developer it was an easy choice since I did’t have to leave the safe environment of .NET. Since then I have played with Haskell, Erlang, Elixir and some other languages and I realized that the syntax felt nice and clean in F#. F# is a ML language mostly in... Read more

Actually usable tuples in C#

If you, like me, have missed that C# now have support for actually usable tuples then you’re in for a treat. Previously if you didn’t want to create a DTO class and return that from a function you could use the generic Tuple<T>. And you would write something like this: static Tuple<int, int, int> Sum(int x, int y) { return Tupl... Read more

Building and deploying Azure WebJobs with F#

If you have read some of my other posts you know that F# is a favorite languge of mine so when I was going to create an Azure WebJob to handle messages from the Azure ServiceBus it felt natural to write it using F#. It all seemed as a great idea but along the way I found some issues both with the building and with the deployment which I tought I... Read more

Wox plugin using F#

If you’re using Windows and haven’t checked out Wox you totally should. It’s a program that gets you easy access to all your files, folder and programs without using your mouse. Simply press ALT+Space and a bar will appear and you can search. Wox is written using .NET and C# and besides being a very useful program it also have a nice plugin sto... Read more