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Maybe it's time to stop using null

The usage of null was introduced by Tony Hoare back in 1965 in order to be able to create pointers that point to something that doesn’t exists. This ha been called (by Mr. Hoare him self) as the billion dollar mistake. Today most of us .NET developers doesnt’s use pointers, not directly at least. But still we see a lot of NullReferenceException... Read more

Moving my blog

For a couple of years I have been hosting my blog on and I have no complaints but I was paying about $7 per month and I know that others had moved their blog to Github Pages which is free and I thought that it could be a fun challange to see how much effort it would be to move everything and not spend any money. So I started researchi... Read more


Since I started to play with functional programming my go-to language has been F#. As a C# developer it was an easy choice since I did’t have to leave the safe environment of .NET. Since then I have played with Haskell, Erlang, Elixir and some other languages and I realized that the syntax felt nice and clean in F#. F# is a ML language mostly in... Read more

Actually usable tuples in C#

If you, like me, have missed that C# now have support for actually usable tuples then you’re in for a treat. Previously if you didn’t want to create a DTO class and return that from a function you could use the generic Tuple<T>. And you would write something like this: static Tuple<int, int, int> Sum(int x, int y) { return Tupl... Read more

Building and deploying Azure WebJobs with F#

If you have read some of my other posts you know that F# is a favorite languge of mine so when I was going to create an Azure WebJob to handle messages from the Azure ServiceBus it felt natural to write it using F#. It all seemed as a great idea but along the way I found some issues both with the building and with the deployment which I tought I... Read more