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Functional programming with JavaScript and Redux

A couple of months ago I joined the team at the company that I work who is build a new product. They are using React, Redux and ASP.NET Core as their technologies. After I had spent a couple of days writing code in this new project I started to realize that many of the techniques I was using was really functional techniques which I recognized f... Read more

Validation by types

First of all, what I’m about to present isn’t my own idea. This has been covered by Scott Wlaschin in his article about A functional approach to Domain Driven Design . But I recently attended the conference Swetugg and listened to Anders Hallberg talking about secure programming in .NET where he talked about some similar ideas. Their idea is th... Read more

Functional composition

In functional programming where functions is a first class citizen functional composition is very common. The basic concept is that you pipe the result of one function to the input of another function in order to create a new function. This may seem a little abstract but in this post I will try to show how it can be done in F# and also in C#. F... Read more

Nifty things in F#

For a couple of years I have had an on and off again relationship with F# I also did a “Introduction to F#” presentation at a conference. Lately I have been digging more deeply into F# in my spare time and I thought I share two small yet powerful things that is very “nifty” in F#. No more NullReferenceExceptions Anyone who has written any sort ... Read more

Copy to clipboard with scriptCS

A few weeks ago I found my self in the situation where I needed to generate a hash based on some business logic from my project at work. Because this logic is embedded pretty deep in the logic it seemed as a hard task to achieve. Then it occurred to me that I had heard about this thing called scriptCS which should be able to help me out. What i... Read more